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Finally Free of Back & Sciatic Pain

My experience before my treatment with Dr. Wright, I have had extreme back pain for 34 years. Working in construction has taken a toll on my body. For the past 4 years I have had pain shooting down my right leg enabling me to work. I have seen chiropractors, even as many as 5 times a week to help alleviate the pain. I hear about Dr. Wright’s Pressure Wave Treatment from my father, who had already seen her and is now pain free!!

After a short 4 weeks, I am now Pain Free and I was able to perform my daily work the whole time. I would highly recommend the Pressure Wave Treatment to anyone with back pain!!

Mike, Age 54
July 2015

Back to Walking Without Foot Pain

Four years ago I had surgery on a broken big toe. After walking on it “broken” for a year, this caused the bones to be out of alignment. I developed a protrusion on my foot and my doctor said I would have an issue that would eventually need to be dealt with.

Four years later I did have an issue. As an avid walker, it became very difficult for me to walk even 2 miles and I was used to walking 6-8 miles. It became so painful I thought I would have to call someone to come rescue me from my walk.

I saw Dr. Wright’s ad in the Seven Lakes Times and decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I was really hoping to avoid another surgery. After receiving 3 treatments, my foot is back to normal. I’m back to walking 6 miles with no pain. I no longer have pain at night that used to keep me up and even wake me up during sleep.

The Pressure Wave Therapy worked for me and I was able to Avoid Surgery!!

Donna C. Age 61

Losing Weight & Improving Health​

Dr. Wright’s Weight Loss Program is so much more than just a weight loss program. It’s a total body reset. While I did lose weight (10 pounds in a month), I also dramatically improved my overall health.

The first week (Cleansing Phase) was tough but I never felt better. After only a few days I was sleeping great, had extra energy and the weight came off easily. It was hard to give up certain foods but seeing the scale move every day was enough motivation to stick to the plan. After completing the month-long program I have continued using many of the supplements because I really believe they have improved my health.

My bloodwork has improved dramatically. I lowered my cholesterol 60 points and my triglycerides by 115 points and have maintained these numbers despite going back to some of my old eating habits. I attribute much of this success to the supplements and the program’s Food Management Plan. If my weight starts to creep up I follow the plan for a week or so to get back on track.

We all know that weight loss is not easy, especially as we get older, but if you are truly ready to make a change and improve your overall health I highly recommend Dr. Weight’s Weight Loss Program.

Southern Pines

Back & Sciatic Pain are Gone

I have been in constant pain for many years. Over the years, I’ve tried many treatment options and while they would help some, nothing really took the pain away completely.

I read Dr. Wright’s ad in the Seven Lakes Times and decided to call for an appointment for a consultation to see if the Pressure Wave Therapy was an option for me. I started the therapy and my pain began to get much better. After receiving 4 treatments, my pain is gone and I’ve never felt better.

I would highly recommend this therapy for anyone suffering with pain. I have told my family members and I hope they will give it a try.

At the age of 85 and having had back surgery in 2011, I can say I feel better than I have for a very long time.

I hope anyone with constant pain will call Dr. Wright for an appointment. I’m sure you will be as happy with your results as I am with mine!!

Bill H. Age 85
June 1, 2016

Extremely Pleased to Be Free of Shoulder Pain

I have suffered from lumbar disc problems and curvature of the mid back for decades, and secondary problems including muscle spasm and pinched nerves have occurred more frequently as I age. Recently a problem with my shoulder area prompted me to try the Pressure Wave Treatment in an effort to find relief.

In theory, the muscle tissue is “stimulated” in an effort to force toxins out and also to prompt the soft tissue to repair itself. After the 3 required treatments, I no longer experienced the dull ache and burning sensation in my shoulder. I continue to monitor my movement (so as not to re-aggravate the area), but I am extremely pleased to be pain free.

It should be noted that this is an “on-gooing” process, and it may take a few months to notice results. During that time you cannot utilize anti-inflammatories or pain relief gels since they would impede the results. Patience is the key but the results are well worth the wait!!

Jan L.
Age 62

From Extreme Back Pain to Playing Tennis Tournament

I can’t say enough good thinks about the care and services that Dr. Wright gives her patients. Two weeks ago I pulled my back out and couldn’t even get out of my chair without assistance. Oh, what was I going to do the timing was lousy as I was headed for Greensboro to play in the USTA State Tennis Tournament in three days!!

Dr. Wright was able to work me in for an appointment. She gave me three adjustments with instructions and one of her famous Detox Footbaths all the time saying “I can have you playing in three days”. Thursday morning I stepped on the court and played pain free for the entire tournament! I didn’t bring home a trophy but I had a wonderful tournament!

Thank you from me and my teammates for making it possible. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

Ann B, Age 63
June 1, 2016

Professional Athlete Now With More Range of Motion

As a professional athlete and over use of my shoulder, elbow and knee, I have suffered lots of pain. I had a sprain/strain in my calf muscle six months ago which has caused much pain. I consulted with Dr. Wright about the Pressure Wave Therapy and decided to give it a try.

As time was limited, I only had 10 days before leaving for training to see if the Pressure Wave Therapy could help my pain. Dr. Wright was willing to work with me and my short time frame so we started the therapy.

I received 3 treatments within 9 days!! After each treatment, I began to feel better and I had much more range of motion. After leaving for training, Dr. Wright called me for a follow-up on my progress and I was happy to report no pain in any of these areas!

I would recommend the Pressure Wave Therapy for any athlete that has pain or has had a sprain/strain of the muscle.

Dennis W. Age 26
January 30, 2016

Improved Physical & Mental Health

Dr. Wright has been a life saver for my family. My oldest son took a terrible fall in December. He lost teeth and suffered a massive concussion with vision loss. He was experiencing migraines and had a hard time dealing with noises and was home bound from school.

I was taking him to specialists all over Raleigh and Greensboro weekly. He spent three days in the hospital for his migraines. He was unable to attend school and was severely depressed. My son was taking six types of medicine twice a day.

On a whim my mother-in-law spoke to a friend and she mentioned her husband was experiencing headaches after a car accident and he was seeing someone to work on his neck (they live in TN) and he was doing so much better.

I called Dr. Wright and we discussed my sons case on a Thursday. She was so understanding, supportive and beyond caring. I felt relived for the first time and she had not even met him yet. Dr. Wright met my son the following Monday and sent him for a neck x-ray right away (no one ever checked his neck and he has five specialist). That afternoon Dr. Wright reviewed his x-ray and began to work on him.

It was scary for me as a mom to see my son so out of alignment and know that this might be the root of all his problems and that it had gone unnoticed for about six months. Dr. Wright explained the x-ray to me and explained what she was going to do to help him and get him off his medication. I was excited yet nervous. No meds for a child with chronic migraines and sensitivity to noise, was this even possible? However, I knew in my heart she was going to care for him and most of all I knew she was right about getting him off of those medications. She had a plan of action and was going to help him and I was beyond excited!

Dr. Wright does not push his body, she does leave him feeling sore and uncomfortable. He actually leaves smiling! Yes smiling!!! My son hasn’t smiled in months! He is two weeks off his medication and has been released from his psychologist. His psychologist said she couldn’t be the turn around. She said he’s a total different boy. And he is! He plays outside and noise does not seem to be as much of an issue. He hasn’t had a headache for two weeks except for July 4 during the fireworks, but I was expecting that. He said he can move his neck and shoulders and the pressure off his head is gone. He does not sulk, he does not hold his head and complain it hurts. He does not ask us to keep it down so he can curl up in a ball and cry with pain. He’s up and about and enjoying life as a boy should be!

You see, my son was in a bad place both physically and emotionally. I felt like I was beating my head against a wall that would never move. I felt hopeless and scared for him. He was so happy and funny prior to the fall and his light was gone, his identity was gone, he felt gone to me. Then Dr. Wright began to work on him and he went to swim camp for a week and has been the happiest I have seen him since the fall! He smiles, he laughs, he wants to play, he wants to swim again. He even wants to go back to school in the fall. Truth be told, we weren’t sure school was a possibility and now we are heading for middle school!

Dr. Wright has been a God Send for my family and has done wonders for my son both physically and emotionally! I highly recommend her!!! I cannot write this testimony without mentioning Ms. Cheri. Ms. Cheri is a blessing!!! Ms. Cheri loves my boys and me and makes me feel so comfortable and loved. She has this amazing way to her that just warms my heart the moment I walk into the office. I cannot ask for anything more!!!

Alicia H.
July 7, 2017

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