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Wright Chiropractic Clinic provides a full range of chiropractic services, including the latest therapeutic technologies Pressure Wave Therapy and NeurofeedbackWe believe that chiropractic is the art of restoring the body to its natural state utilizing many different techniques and styles.  Healing injury or pain is simply a wonderful side effect.


Chiropractic provides relief from headaches, neck and back pain, sciatic and leg pain, as well as muscle tension and trigger points.

Pressure Wave Therapy

Pressure Wave Therapy accelerates your body’s healing process by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation.


Neurofeedback helps relieve depression, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, migraines, addiction, memory loss, PTSD, stress, insomnia and more.


UltraSlim is a safe, noninvasive procedure that contours your body and causes immediate fat loss.  Patients see results after their first treatment.

Candida Cleanse

Our all-natural weight loss program will help you lose weight rapidly, change your metabolism, and maintain your ideal weight permanently.

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Patient Success Stories

Patients share how Dr. Wright has improved their lives!

Donna C.

“I was really hoping to avoid another surgery. After receiving 3 treatments, my foot is back to normal. I’m back to walking 6 miles with no pain. I no longer have pain at night that used to keep me up and even wake me up during sleep.”


“I have had extreme back pain for 34 years…I have seen chiropractors, even as many as 5 times a week to help alleviate the pain…After a short 4 weeks [seeing Dr. Wright], I am now Pain Free and I was able to perform my daily work the whole time. I would highly recommend the Pressure Wave Treatment to anyone with back pain!!

Lois W.

“When Dr. Wright told me about the Pressure Wave Therapy, I was excited to give it a try. I had tried everything I knew and just felt I would have to deal with the pain forever. After receiving 3 treatments, my pain is practically gone and those huge knots are completely gone!! I can now enjoy doing the things I couldn’t do before treatment.”

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